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In a society characterised by diversity and fluidity, you would expect something as insignificant as having tattoos to play no role in whether or not you are suitable for a job. We are living in an age where, finally, people are being accepted for who they are; whether that is gay or straight, black or white, male or female. So my question to you is: why on earth are people being discriminated against when applying for jobs because they have made a personal decision to get a tattoo?

I have two tattoos, one on my ribs and one on my hip. I specifically chose these locations because I was concerned about experiencing being put at a disadvantage if they were somewhere on show. For me, and I’m sure many others, this is really frustrating as I want to get many more, but feel limited as to where I can get them.

There is a massive stigma surrounding tattoos, which, personally, I just don’t understand. Of course, I can empathise with employers in certain cases; for example, if the applicant has something rude or inappropriate on show. But if Sally has a butterfly tattoo on her wrist, in my opinion, it’s not fair to discriminate. I believe the only time it is okay to not hire someone due to a tattoo is if it is offensive and is going to potentially lose your company business. So to clarify, Sally and her butterfly should be left out of this.

Currently, the only law protecting employees from workplace discrimination in relation to tattoos is the 2010 Equality Act. However, this only applies if the tattoo is dedicated to their religion / beliefs. This needs to change! We shouldn’t have to worry that the placement of our tattoos is going to potentially lose us a job one day.

VStattWritten by Lucy McNeil


Bin day.  We love a good yap at the man collecting the rubbish bags we are currently inside having our breakfast from. Its even better when candidates leave their lunch at our level– easy pickings during a registration. Lunch time. Favourite time.  Give the puppy eyes – wins every time. Is there an on-going theme here?  Food.

So why do we really love dogs in the office?

Apart from the never ending obsession with food they bring us all a smile. Recent research has proved that dogs in the workplace buffer the impact of stress on their owners and make their jobs more satisfying.  Playing a bit of ball (which some remaining nameless – Zeus; still cant grasp the notion of fetch) can diffuse the most stressful or mornings.
The RedSofa Gang:

- Zues & Medusa (the kids) – Highly strung, gobby, fearless, loyal and tenacious.
- Dunder (the blunder) – Sensitive, clumsy, intelligent, good looking.
- Wally (the bull dog) –  Grumpy, lazy, loveable and always hungry.

I’m not sure in the theory of dogs mirroring their owners, however I am biased and I’m not highly strung.  I’m not!
Here at RedSofa we are incredible lucky to have the opportunity to bring in our beloved pooches.
On average only 10% of the UK work force have this luxury.  Within this 10% I see more and more clients in the design an advertising space allowing mans best friend into the office space.  One client of mine embraces it so professionally new dogs to the pack have to have a screening interview – a named second in command as well as a group meet with all the other dogs so not to upset the happy balance.  My client swears the dogs keep the staff turnover low and make a happy stress free environment. So apart from the occasional “accident’, theft of food or sporadic moment over familiarity The RedSofa Gang keep us all ticking over in a relaxed, happy and positive work space. This is why we love dogs in the office.

You can follow the crew on Instagram: dogs_of_redsofa https://www.instagram.com/dogs_of_redsofa/

Written by Amalie Byass

A whopping 72% of people aged 18-24 plodded on down to their polling stations on June 8th and put a cross in their chosen box. To reiterate how high this percentage really is; a mere 43% of young people voted in the 2015 General Election followed by 64% in the Brexit vote.

A lot of people are asking why the voter turnout was so high; what made all these hormonal teenagers tear their attention away from Netflix and drag themselves out of their beds to their local polling stations? Perhaps they had officially watched every show on the online streaming site. Or maybe, just maybe, they were sick of leaving their future in the hands of others.

There is no denying that Jeremy Corbyn played a large role. His campaign focused a lot on the youth, and as an 18 year old who is on every form of social media, I feel he utilised this new platform to reach out to young people who may not have been exposed to politics before. For example, his campaign included creating a Snapchat account to document his journey. A picture of him on the C2C going towards Basildon was uploaded which presented him as someone who is in touch with the youth. The majority of people quite often underestimate the power of social media. It can be the make or break for many businesses; if you know your demographic and your target audience it can be used as a very resourceful way to engage with them.

In my opinion, Twitter was the main platform that allowed users to learn and build an opinion on which party they should vote for. I was constantly seeing debates on my timeline, people being passionate about the fate of our country and as young people, our futures. It gave people free access to un-biased information, which in turn allowed them to generate their own opinions on what was best for them.

As a young person, I am very proud to have been apart of this massive turn out, and can only hope that it continues to grow.











Written by Lucy McNeil

Do young people today expect everything for nothing? I’m afraid to say for quite a few the answer is yes.
Is this the result of young people being bombarded and immersed in a world where the media is everywhere? Or is it that some young people have always had habits and traits that make older generations fume?
This quote, from an older establishment figure, sums up a typical bigoted view of young people.
“It’s abundantly clear to me that far too many young people today lack discipline and a certain moral fibre. I fear for a country whose future depends on people whose formative years were spent slouching around bars and smoking who knows what. For them hard work is the only certain way to success and satisfaction.”

Lord Longford Daily Mail Friday 8th March 1968.

This was nearly fifty years ago, so maybe things don’t change that much after all.
At this stage you may be asking what does the old fart writing this blog know about young people, well, I employ lots of them, and am at an age where I’m in touch yet wise enough to ask all the right questions. I’m nearly thirty-seven!
Another very topical question being thrown about is why does sixty eight year old Jeremy Corbyn have such huge support from the young, I think I have the answer.
Young people are more uncertain than ever about their future. They feel robbed by the older generation, robbed of ever being able to buy a house, robbed of free education, robbed of being European and lots, lots more. So if the status quo has failed you what do you crave? Change. If nothing else dear old Jeremy Is a change from the norm, and if that change offers you everything you could possibly ask for, then trebles it, bingo, this man means change and that’s what I need and want. Personally I think he’s a nice well-meaning man who I’d happily trust with the job of making jam but leading the country with his finger on the button (you can almost hear Kim Jong Un’s sigh of relief) I fear it would be a change for the worse, much worse.
In fact the anger and dissatisfaction felt by young people was summed up brilliantly by this quote whizzing around social media.
“Remember when we cried as kids and our parents said ’I’ll give you something to cry about”? We thought we’d be sent to our room, but instead they destroyed the housing market, quadrupled university fees, melted the ice caps and voted Brexit….”
The ironic thing is the future for young people has never been brighter, they can have everything, not for nothing, but by following some very simple rules. For example, it amazes me how few young people don’t know what they want; I don’t mean new trainers, rather their overall goal in life. Rule two, only go to university if it’s one of the very best, learn on the job there are opportunities out there!
For the younger young people I’d say learn coding and learn to speak Mandarin!
I started RedSofa at the ripe young age of twenty eight, building a very successful recruitment agency was what I always wanted to do and I (with the help of others) did it. If I can start with nothing and end up with everything anyone can.

Written by Steven Buss

We’re absolutely loving this grandmother! What a great attitude and her food looks delicious!


Check out some of her cooking videos below.

Mango Curry:

Watermelon Chicken:

King Size Crab Curry:

Some wise words ‘cook a lot of curries and eat well’. 

10 May / Loads of Money



In a major move RedSofa is launching a dedicated financial service. Its aim will be to find top-flight candidates to fill roles in Advertising and Media finance departments.

This is a service none of our competitors offer and it’s a service they are unlikely to offer in future. All too often these posts are filled by competent counters rather than the trained experts these posts deserve.

The RedSofa financial will be headed up by Debbie Longmuir. Debbie has many years experience working in advertising finance, digital finance, experiential finance, marketing finance and PR finance. In other words it would be hard to think of anyone better qualified to head up the team.

It’s your money so you now know what recruitment agency you can count on to keep it in safe hands.

Simply contact Debbie Longmuir dlongmuir@redsofalondon.com


You’ll love the range of top-flight 2D/3D designers, Creative Directors, retouchers, and packaging designers we have on our books.

You’ll love the one-to-one service we’ll give you.

You’ll love, and be reassured, by our wealth of experience in branding. We’ve supplied top talent on a vast range of major brands, every sector from Body Shop to Burberry

Branding is something we love to get our teeth into. Simply contact Karan Kaur at RedSofa for any of your branding needs you’ll find we’ll go down rather well! kkaur@redsofalondon.com


05 May / Fake News


Would you believe it, fake news stories we loved (hint, one isn’t fake)



Amazon announces a version of it’s Echo specially designed for pets, Petlexa. It’s claimed to work perrfectly on every command.



BBC to announce that the UK is to withdraw from Eurovision.



 Prince Harry weds in secret..in Vegas!!



 Swedish driver faces $1million fine for going 180 mph.



Burger King to sell Whopper toothpaste

They claim it will keep the tasty Whopper flavours lasting longer. The first toothpaste with active Whopper extracts

01 May / Booming Tech



Our tech division is booming. Our years of investment and nurturing in this sector is rapidly paying off. One in five of the top tech jobs now come through RedSofa. Over the last six months the number of first-rate tech candidates on our books has more than trebled.

You can’t have amazing tech expertise without amazing people. People like Chris Bradbury a highly respected ex developer is now one more addition to our top team. In Berlin Alex Foreman has boosted the tech team there, he worked as a senior consultant in London at a number of top agencies before crossing the channel to join us

So, if you’ve got any tech requirements why not make a date with RedSofa and let us find you the match of your dreams.


This week we love Fast and Furious!

US mega streamer Xfinity team up with Fast and Furious franchise to produce a great stunt ad.

Two young members of the public are invited by Xfinity to a drive in movie style preview of the latest F&F film, The Fate of the Furious. Little do they know how involved with the action they will become!!




As today is volunteer recognition day, we thought it would be nice to see what the RedSofa employees have done in the way of volunteering.

Dan Poole
Is a voluntary trustee for https://intoart.org.uk/

Nikky Lyle
In Jan 2015 she volunteered with Mosaic Network
The Mosaic Enterprise Challenge, is a national competition for secondary school students across the UK, designed to develop and encourage their entrepreneurial skills.
She mentored a team of students aged between 14 to 15, to help them develop an understanding of how businesses are run and advised them on ethical business practices.

Karan Kaur
Volunteered at a school and taught them about her culture for a week a few years back.

Sarah Anderson
Volunteered by helping make food for the homeless at a Church hosting an exhibition. Homeless people living in a shelter next to the church, were given camera’s to take photos, and then were able to showcase their work in this exhibition.


Blue Island will be a cluster of hot desks based in the RedSofa Shoreditch offices. They will provide space, facilities and mentoring for fresh talent, in an atmosphere that’s creative and different.

“We wanted to give something back to an industry that has been very good to us. We’ve discovered and promoted some exceptional talent over the years so we see Blue Island as a practical extension of this. In other words it will give talent the leg up it deserves,” says Steve Buss RedSofas founder director.

The first occupants of Blue Island will be Tim Nelson and Donna McLean who are creating an exciting new community and storage business. Tim’s already very popular with the team as he’s brought us in this wonderful cake!





Nikki Dennis – Winnie the Pooh! (A.A Milne) 

Wherever I am, there’s always Pooh,
There’s always Pooh and Me.
Whatever I do, he wants to do,
“Where are you going today?” says Pooh:
“Well, that’s very odd ‘cos I was too.
Let’s go together,” says Pooh, says he.
“Let’s go together,” says Pooh

Carrie Hards – Sea Feaver (Spike Milligan)

I must go down to the sea again,
to the lonely sea and the sky;
I left my shoes and socks there
I wonder if they’re dry?

Nikky Lyle- Before You Were Mine (Carol Ann Duffy it’s a poem she wrote about her mum)

I’m ten years away from the corner you laugh onwith your pals, Maggie McGeeney and Jean Duff.The three of you bend from the waist, holdingeach other, or your knees, and shriek at the pavement.Your polka-dot dress blows round your legs. Marilyn.

I’m not here yet. The thought of me doesn’t occurin the ballroom with the thousand eyes, the fizzy, movie tomorrowsthe right walk home could bring. I knew you would dancelike that. Before you were mine, your Ma stands at the closewith a hiding for the late one. You reckon it’s worth it.

The decade ahead of my loud, possessive yell was the best one, eh?I remember my hands in those high-heeled red shoes, relics,and now your ghost clatters toward me over George Squaretill I see you, clear as scent, under the tree,with its lights, and whose small bites on your neck, sweetheart?

Cha cha cha! You’d teach me the steps on the way home from Mass,stamping stars from the wrong pavement. Even thenI wanted the bold girl winking in Portobello, somewherein Scotland, before I was born. That glamorous love lastswhere you sparkle and waltz and laugh before you were mine.

Janet Tweedie – Funeral Blues (W H Auden)

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message ‘He is Dead’.
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

Who Am I – John Fraser (Humble B)

I am the ring around Saturn spinning words as particles of ice and dust with the power to transcend I am the original chosen to be right here right now transmitting verbal frequencies through speaking my thoughts into existence I am the heir of omnipotence, born with a direct connection to profound abundance The one whose words will age, yet still have substance; since there are no boundaries attached to my pen I am constant energy Translating personal experience into imagery Vulnerable to tyranny, yet i continue attempting to share some truth through this abstract language of poetry I am the core I am that I am more I am the Divine Presence that is the Source of my rewards I am the green you get when you mix too much yellow with the blue That shade of gold you get when the sun resides into darkness and when it ascends in the dawn burning dew I am the transition between the third and fourth dimension of time; the love you feel when you realize how it feels I am the poem that is abstractly direct because I write beyond limits absorbing frequencies from 3 to 8 hertz through meditation for several minutes I am the one bridging the gap between the analog ascension and the direct connection to spirit The one who is love because I am a descendent of it I am the rhythm that the wind blows I am the beginning and the ending of stories told about the universe and how miracles unfold I hold the power to accept judgement from those who will do just that Not knowing that I am them in the absolute reality of me Judge that I am knowledge beyond measure because that is my right So I continue meeting the different parts of me when I meditate and write Who am I? I AM, THAT, I AM

Oh dear Little Flo – Richard Maddox

I love you so
Especially in your nightie
When the moonlight flits
Across your tits
Oh Jesus Christ almighty



How to claim:

Sign up to Quidco for free.

- Find the special £15 takeaway deal page, and click through to DominosPizza Hut or Papa Johns website and spend £10 or more on your order.
- Your transaction will be tracked and Quidco will pay you £15 to cover the cost by March 5, 2017.

What’s the small print?

- The £15.00 cashback is awarded on transactions on or over £10.00 at Dominos, Pizza Hut Delivery or Papa Johns only.
- This offer is available for new members with no previous purchases or cashback through Quidco.
- The offer is available to new members until 11:59pm 28/02/2017, or until 2,000 redemptions have been claimed on a first come first serve basis
- Cashback will be put into the member’s account before 05/03/2017.
- The offer can only be redeemed once per household and fraudulent or duplicate claims will not be paid.
- You must make a minimum order value of £10.00 to qualify for this cashback offer, including any cost of delivery.

Found on http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/cheap-pizza-deals-freebies-discounts-7185782


What is your favourite film and why?

Richard Maddox – Account Management
My favourite film is ‘The Cameraman’ by Buster Keaton.

Buster is one of the most beautiful human beings to have graced the planet and he made the best films. He made films which combine action, comedy and romance yet are never schmaltzy or sentimental. Pure, exhilarating entertainment. Nothing arty farty.

The Cameraman has him adopting a monkey who does his job better than him and saves the day. As with all his films it contains spectacular, graceful stunts (Buster was a gifted acrobat and athlete and did all his own stunts in single takes) and hilarious sight gags. The film was so funny and successful in its day MGM kept a copy and for 50 years it was shown to new writers on their first day as ‘the perfect comedy’.


The fact that Buster made his films 70-90 years ago and they still work says something. If you get the chance, see anything of his on a big screen. He’s so good I could have picked another 10 or so Buster movies as a single favourite. Incredibly, he made more than 70 that are decent, each with original gags and tricks which are still being copied to this day. And to cap it all he was a gentle, kind, respected human being who simply loved his work.

Nikki Dennis- Cretive Team
It’s a toss up between Goodfella’s & The Lion King…. “Never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut” versus “Hakuna Mattata”…both good rules to live your life by…. ;-)

Ram Mohial – Studio Team
My favourite film is The Devil Wears Prada because Meryl Streep’s character in the film is my spirit animal!

Kate Kentish – Account Management
Philadelphia Story – Original BW one (not the musical) with Katherine Hepburn

Karan Kaur – Studio Team
Anchorman, because it always makes me laugh to the point where I might wee myself.

Nikky Lyle – Studio Team
My fave film choice is Forest Gump and I like the  over all naive positivity and how it works well for him and takes him on all sorts of adventures and quotes such as with quotes like “Mrs. Gump: You have to do the best with what God gave you. and My momma always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Andrea Ferlauto – Freelancer
Flight club, love the film! Love how they critique the human philosophy to the modern day, with a very down to earth execution. The film is based on the 1996 novel written by Chuck Palahniuk. If you haven’t, you need to Read all the books by Chuck Palahniuk– they are amazing!!!

According to The Drum – “a global media platform and the biggest marketing website in Europe”almost half of advertising agencies plan to hire more staff in 2017! headhunt-311354_960_720

43% of agencies report that their business will increase in the first quarter of 2017, while only 11% expect a decrease, according to a fourth quarter survey of advertising agencies conducted by STRATA. With 42% of respondents anticipating the need for additional staff next year, and not a single agency reports plans to reduce staff sizes. This comes in contrast to Q2 this year, which found that the rate of hires was decreasing, and concerns over needing to reduce staff sizes were increasing rapidly.

When asked what the biggest challenges ahead were, 51% stated that their biggest concern was expanding their client roster, followed by determining the right media mix (22%). Only 13% of agencies felt that client retention was their chief concern, reflecting confidence in existing relationships.

The fourth quarter survey found video advertising remains the dominant focus, with 34% of agencies noting their clients’ primary focus was local TV & cable. For the first time the survey’s history, digital video claimed the second spot, with 27% of agencies responding that it was their primary focus, a 79% increase over the previous year. Display advertising, previously in the second spot, fell to third with 15% reporting it as their clients’ main focus.

“At the end of a year that could be defined as turbulent, if nothing else, one of the upsides we’re seeing is the swift reversal in agency outlook and confidence. Earlier this year, we found that agencies had major concerns about budgets and revenue, but we’re now seeing much more optimism heading into 2017,” said Judd Rubin, vice president at Strata. “We’re excited to see how this new confidence impacts advertising strategies next year. Local and cable video continue to be the top focus, but digital video is increasingly coming to the forefront. With mobile advertising and rapidly growing social players like Snapchat also making strides, 2017 could prove to be a very exciting year.”

Though only six percent of agencies report plans to allocate between 26-50% of their budgets to paid social, that’s an increase of 321% compared to the first quarter this year. A majority of agencies report that paid social media accounts for the smallest portion of their budget (0-5%), and 18% percent of agencies noted that it accounted for 11-25% of their budget, an 80% increase over last year.

In terms of which platforms agencies are using in social campaigns, Facebook remains dominant, with 94% planning to use the social network. YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter reclaim their second, third, and fourth spots, respectively. Though Snapchat remains sixth, more than 20% of agencies now plan to use the messaging app, a 58% increase from the second quarter in 2016.

Heading into 2017, responses also indicate increased appetite for programmatic buying options. 36% of agencies report that they will be allocating 10-20% of their budgets to programmatic purchasing, a 33% increase over Q2. Another 27% plan to dedicate 20-40% of their budgets to programmatic, up 43% compared to Q2. The percentage of agencies refraining from programmatic buying decreased as 24% of agencies report that they will not devote any of their budget to programmatic, a 39% decrease from Q2.

Funny, awful, painful, sobering and uplifting.
So before you make your first million have a quick read, you might find my experiences us full.

Keep costs low. Do you really need two floors in a glittering glass edifice that puts Trump tower to shame when shared space will do? Do you really need real Charles Eames leather chairs when Ikea will do the job for the price of a sandwich? Do you really need Icelandic pure glacier water supplied at the bargain price of only £500 a month when you can just go to the tap?

Be inspired by the worst. I was a pretty good (alright great) recruiter yet my old boss thought he could motivate me by treating me as one of the worst.

If I’d been shown some respect and given encouragement I would still be in that job today. Funny isn’t it how the worst turned out to be the best.

This brings me motivating people. Give people praise and they’ll work for you day and night. If the work they’re doing is crap you could tell them it’s crap or better use words like unbelievable, wonderful’s not the word for it or you’ve done it again. Motivation can start long before the person is working with you. I invested years in singing RedSofa’s praises to some of the best recruiters in town. Surprise, surprise they’re now all working with us.

Still on the subject of motivation one idea I had was a Monday morning sing along. Inspired by a certain North Korean leader I thought singing the praises of the supreme leader (me) would get the week off to a sparkling start. It didn’t! I saved the day though with another brilliant idea, a good old fashioned full English ‘fry-up’ breakfast every Monday and Friday, now that went down a treat.

Like all small businesses we had the challenge of cash flow in those early years. It always seemed so unfair that small businesses were last in the queue when it came to being paid, we were no exception. I learnt that you had to be shameless in chasing unpaid invoices. We would literally camp in the offenders offices until a cheque or transfer was squeezed out of them. We once sent in someone dressed as a tramp and smelling of rotten fish who refused to budge until payment was received. I have to say this shaming and embarrassing tactic worked a treat.

Another trick I learnt was that the best time to ask for an overdraft is on the rare occasions the business has loads of cash. Banks seem to love giving money to people who don’t seem to need it.

I love this business and the people I work with. There was a time when I’d spend every waking second working for it or thinking about it. A close friend, and someone whose advice I valued gave me some great advice, TAKE A BREAK. I did and it was one of the best moves I ever made. I came back refreshed and full of new energy, and surprise, surprise the business didn’t fall apart with my absence. We all need to recharge our batteries, it’s the only way you’ll go on and on and on and build a great business.

As well as taking a break doing me the world of good it also taught me the importance of letting go. It’s so easy to have your fingers in all the pies without realising you’re surrounded by talented and capable people who can take the weight off your shoulders and let you concentrate on what’s important. Delegate, delegate, it’s not a sign of weakness it’s a sign of strength.

The final lesson I’ve learnt is that you never stop learning. Every day you’re running your own business will involve lessons in life and people you wouldn’t miss for the world.

Written by Steve Buss

Facebook (extra 500 jobs), Google (new UK HQ creating 3,000 jobs), Apple (UK HQ at Battersea Power Station) and Amazon (confirming their UK expansion plans) all show their commitment to London and the UK. Google said it was because Britain is an early adopting market, can build world class products and gives them a window on the world. Plus London has retained it’s title as best EU city for digital startups!

Written by Neil Clements

Before I actually listened to it I’d always assumed the entertainment value of Radio 4′s Desert Island Discs series was in the guests’ selection of records (they are asked to choose the 8 songs they’d take with them).

T’ain’t necessarily so. Turns out it’s freakin’ ace regardless.

Turns out the music selection is just a peg to hang an interview on and since Kirsty Young took over way back in October 2006, there have been some absolutely cracking interviews, some fascinating, insightful mini-biographies far far removed from the chat show product placement interviews we’re used to on the telly. Occasionally the guests’ music selections do complement these biographical snapshots but the high quality of the best shows is almost always down to an interesting subject and Kirsty’s careful probing of their story.

To celebrate 10 years of Kirsty at the helm I’ve put together my desert island selection of interviews.

Even if you think you don’t like the guest, give it a go.

Even if you think it might be the dullest, middle class-est, Radio 4-est waste of time





David Nott 


Betty Driver


Kathy Burke


Alice Cooper


Cath Kidston


As far as I can recall these were also good:

Frank Cottrell-Boyce  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00rd4ds

Morrissey  (hilariously dour) http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00p068y

Tom Hanks  (has a moment, something to do with his dad)

Sir Martin Sorrell  (surprisingly)

Anna Del Conte (foodie)

Johnny Vegas  

Victoria Wood  

Full list of programmes below, most are available to listen to:


If you have any personal favourites to recommend, rmaddox@redsofalondon.com