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Redsofa London

RedSofa was set up during the biggest recession in living memory by a chap who saw a unique opportunity.

Steve Buss decided 2009 was the perfect time to challenge old attitudes and ways of working and develop a new kind of creative recruitment agency. One that was fresher, faster, fairer, fun, upfront, and more responsive to change.

RedSofa is now the fastest growing agency in Britain and developing a European presence.

We work as a proper creative recruitment agency should, not like an HR department on a dress down Friday. We’ve even been confused for a creative ad agency just because we love doing our own ads. Our consultants come from top agency backgrounds. They know how creatives think, what makes them tick and what makes them explode. We go to a lot of trouble to find talented, enthusiastic candidates with the right cultural fit for the client’s organisation.

Creatives are passionate about doing great work, our job is to help them find it.

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