Welcome to Redsofa London

We’ve brought our own brand of red hot neon to super cool Shoreditch. As the saying goes ‘taste is the enemy of art’.

Sexy Briefs

Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to receive lots of sexy briefs from you. Well now it’s our turn. Over the coming weeks, a lucky few of you will receive the real thing, his and hers luxury (one size fits all) briefs.

What do we ask for in return? How about a new tempting brief or two from you? After all, the more sexy briefs you send us, the more fabulous candidates we’ll send you back.


Hot Jobs


This highly creative boutique agency, is looking for an SAM or an AD


This global Agency is after a Mid-weight Digital Creative Team to work on female brands


Presentation Designer needed for successful communications agency in central London


This agencies technical team is expanding and they need to bring another Backend Developer

About Our Company

We’re a boutique agency built on personal relationships. RedSofa was set up during the biggest recession in living memory by a chap who saw a unique opportunity. Steve Buss decided 2009 was the perfect time to challenge old attitudes and ways of working and develop a new kind of creative recruitment agency.
One that was fresher, faster, fairer, fun, upfront and more responsive to change. RedSofa is now the fastest growing agency in Britain and developing a European presence.


BlackSofa is now launched. BlackSofa is the latest addition to our family; its purpose is to source and foster fresh talent for top levels of senior management, something that the industry has been crying out for.

We have lined up a highly experienced and talented team, which will be headed up by Don Ewing

Our DIY Ads

We love making our own ads as well as looking at other people’s work. We believe in advertising and aren’t afraid of putting our money where our mouth is.
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